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Guidelines for accessing the online fee payment application.

SIGN-UP (Registration)

Click on “Join Us” and enter following details:

  • Your email

  • Type a Password and Confirmation

  • First Name & Last Name

  • Phone Number1 & Phone Number2

  • Once done, click on “Sign Up” and you will receive a confirmation email

  • To facilitate email delivery, add notification@omegaschools.org to your contacts.

  • Click “Confirm my account” link in your email. Your account will be activated and it will take you to the login screen. (This confirmation needs to be done only once.)

Parents who have already used Online Fee Payment facility can continue to use their credentials.

Steps to Sign-in

  • Go to URL https://www.omegaschools.org/feeapp

  • Type Your Email and Your Password and press “Sign in”.

  • You will see “My Students page” with no students listed on the screen.

Making the Payment

  • Once you Sign in, click on ‘Add Student’ button. It will show you a dialog box to enter Student ID number and a challan number.

  • From the school issued challans, add student id and select one of the challan numbers and click on ‘Add Student’ button.

  • You will see student listed on the screen.

  • Click on ‘Pay Challans’ to see the respective challan information for this student.

  • Click on ‘Confirm Payment’ to start payment process and follow the steps.

  • Once you complete the payment process you will be automatically directed to the school’s website.

  • You will see confirmation receipt details and receive a confirmation email as well.

  • Please DO NOT PRESS browser Back/Reload buttons in the middle of the payment process.

Repeat the process and add more students if you need to, and pay their fees.